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What is Architecture?

Architecture explores new ways of living, investigates new technologies and materials, and strives to ensure that new buildings, towns and landscapes are environmentally sustainable. Architecture combines art, science and technology in the design and construction of buildings and their surroundings within a socio-cultural context.

Architects engage themselves in all aspects and stages of the architectural process from design, through planning to construction and management. They are involved in projects of a diverse nature, including the design of domestic, retail, leisure, health, commercial, industrial and educational buildings, towns and urban landscapes.

RIAI Accredited Programme


About the Course

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This is a studio and project-led course integrating the three pillars of architectural education; design, technology and the humanities. The first year of study provides a foundation in design and the built environment, appropriate to both the discipline of architecture and associated design courses. The following years of study will become progressively more architecturally focused whilst still allowing and encouraging experimentation and research into associated disciplines as well as developing transferable skills in communication, team working, computer aided design and management.

This exciting and innovative Honours Degree programme has been developed with the support of the local architectural profession and in consultation with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI).


Combined with the Master of Architecture, it is accredited by the RIAI. Together with two years' work experience in an architect's office and a Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Professional Practice and Experience, this will allow you to register as a professional architect.

Registration provides for legal protection of the title of "Architect", as required by the Irish Building Control Act 2007.


Suitably qualified graduates will be eligible to enter a Master’s of Architecture programme, which together with a Certificate in Architectural Professional Practice and Practical Experience, will provide the overall education programme geared towards professional accreditation.


How is my time split between MTU Cork and UCC?

  • This is a joint programme between MTU Cork and UCC. It is housed in the Cork Centre for Architectural Education, - School of Architecture, Douglas Street, Cork. This Centre houses state-of-the-art technology, including IT, workshop space, and 3D laser cutting.

How much of my time is devoted to studio and project work?

  • 50% is devoted to studio.

What kind of personal skills do I need?

  • The architectural programme requires a broad set of skills. An artistic ability will be important although the design studio work will help develop this. You need to be a creative, innovative, logical, critical thinker… think outside the box! A good grasp of maths, English and a science-based subject would also be useful.

Must I submit a portfolio

  • No.

What is the difference between Architectural Technology and Architecture?

  • Architectural Technology can be described as technical design of the building while Architecture focuses on the creative aspects of spatial and aesthetic design in the total building.


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